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Lord, You are my God. 
I will exalt You....
For You have been
a refuge from the storm †
Isaiah 25:1,4


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I am guessing you are looking to make a home on the web? Maybe you have one that you are not happy with. Well than I am glad you stopped by.I enjoy creating webpages, from the creation of the background to the adding of the text and viewing the finished product. I have set my fee's at more than affordable rates.Why are they so low? This is pure enjoyment for me. I am Christian by faith, United Methodist by denomination. I am a mother of 4 healthy, very active boys. I am currently a volunteer missionary serving the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana and working toward becoming a commissioned missionary to serve the Blackfeet. Income earned from webpages is used to fund my trips to the reservation and purchase items of need to send.

I am part Native American Mohawk, God has called me to the Blackfeet. I am also active in my local church serving in a variety of ways. God has given me many talents, some yet to be discovered, but one of the gifts he gave me was the ability to design webpages.

I have heard and seen so many times some one has a web site designed for them they paid a ton of money and were unhappy because the site was a mess , text was  not entered as the owner wanted, it was hard to navigate, tired of spending a small fortune or what ever the reason.

In creating the webpages I always consult with  the owner and try my hardest to do the best
possible work  I can do. I keep in mind all the negitive things I have heard and seen

and make sure I do not fall into that catagory.  

       If I don't understand or am not capable of doing what you want Iwill be up front and tell you so. Honesty is the best policy. It will do me or you no good to be fed a song and a dance and and have an unsatisfied customer. In order to help keep costs down I prefer to use free domain webspace. Maybe you would like just a background created for you. Interested lets talk..

If you would like more info or to get
started on your home on the web.

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